Welcome to the Official Web Site of "The Curry Secret"™ by Kris Dhillon, everyone's favourite curry book, and her much awaited sequel, "The New Curry Secret".

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Kris's latest book "The New Curry Secret" with over 100 new recipes and full colour photographs throughout is now available in the UK, Canada, Australia and The United States.

Recreate the unique and authentic flavours of the Indian restaurant in your own home with this absolutely must-have follow-up to everyone’s favourite curry book.


Over a half a million copies of The Curry Secret have been sold since its first publication in 1989 – now, reflecting the great variety of exciting new Indian dishes available in Indian restaurants today, comes this fabulous new follow-up cookbook from Kris Dhillon.


This new fully ilustrated book, containing over 190 pages:-


  • Reveals the special spice blends and the closely held
    secrets used by Indian chefs
  • Contains more than 100 new recipes for delicious
    dishes such as Murgh Hariyali Masala, Spicy Lamb Cutlets, Prawn Baadsha and Fish Ambotik
  • Features labour-saving ideas and tips, and

  • Simple techniques to help you transform good dishes into  mouth watering feasts.

In 1989 when she published her bestselling "The Curry Secret" Kris wrote...

"Many difficulties stand in the way of anyone trying to explore the secrets of Indian restaurant cooking. People buy an Indian cookbook but find that the traditional recipes and methods can be disappointing when they produce a home-cooked taste and not the distinct flavour of restaurant curries. This is not really surprising as the art of restaurant cooking is a very closely kept secret, next to impossible to uncover.


A top chef guards his trade secrets closely, knowing that he may become dispensable should the proprietor acquire his skills. A proprietor who is also the chef aims to satisfy his customers, but also keeps his knowledge close to his heart.


Almost twenty years ago, at the risk of upsetting my contemporaries, I chose to reveal all in my first book, The Curry Secret - Indian Restaurant Cookery at Home.


The Curry Secret shows you simply and precisely how to create the curries you love, in your own kitchen, using the same techniques as your favourite restaurants. Secret recipes, special little ‘tricks of the trade’, are all included to give you the knowledge to reproduce that special taste that, until now, may well have eluded you".


Now, my new book containing over 100 new recipes, reflects the great variety of exciting NEW INDIAN DISHES available in Indian restaurants today. I hope you enjoy it.




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Includes a new recipe for the legendary Curry Sauce
which smells irresistible even in the making!








Kris Dhillon



The Original "The Curry Secret"


Since its first publication nearly twenty years ago The Curry Secret has been a bestseller.Updated and revised with 12 new recipes in 2008, its popularity has continued to grow by word of mouth and reader recommendation (see reader's comments)











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